Al-Huda Attendance Policy

  • The school follows the Department for Education (DFE) regulations and guidance.
  • Regular school attendance is a legal responsibility on parents. The School is required by law to record absences and late arrivals on a pupil’s annual report.
  • We expect our pupils to have an attendance percentage record of over 95% is the norm.
  • Independent schools must notify the Local Education Authority if a pupil does not attend regularly.
  • The School will notify the appropriate local authority if a pupil has a low attendance of 85% or below, or if they are absent continuously without the School’s authorisation for ten or more school days.

Al-Huda Absence Procedures

Appointment letters for specialist or hospital treatment should be shown to the teacher in advance of the appointment. All pupils are expected to stay on the school premises during break and lunchtimes.

Authorised absence is where the School has either given approval in advance for a pupil to be absent, or has accepted an explanation offered afterwards by parents as satisfactory justification. All other absences will be classified as unauthorised. Acceptable reasons for absence would normally be only illness or bereavement. Parents are asked to telephone the School Office on every morning of absence, between 8am and 9am. A member of the Administrative Staff will try to contact you if we have not received a reason for the absence from you.

The School does not normally authorise absence for holidays in term-time and strongly discourages parents from making such requests.Leave of absence will not be authorised if the pupil’s attendance is low. Requests for leave of absence will only be considered on receipt of a completed holiday request form, which can be obtained from the school office. Each request will be considered individually. Requests must be received by the Head Teacher before bookings are made, and at least two weeks (during term time) before the absence.

The School is bound by DFE regulations. The DFE regards all absence which has not been authorised by the school as truancy. Absence is classified as unauthorised in the following cases:- - If the reason for absence is unacceptable to the School - If the pupil does not bring a written explanation of absence from a parent - If the pupil misses a lesson without the permission of the teacher - If the pupil leaves the school site without the advance written permission of a parent, authorised by the relevant Head of Year. - If a pupil takes leave of absence without obtaining prior written permission - If a pupil fails to return to school on the agreed date following an authorised leave of absence. – this includes unauthorised extension of authorised holidays.

While the school would always seek to avoid disadvantaging children who, through illness or other circumstances, have been unavoidably absent from school, we do, from time to time, give attendance incentive rewards or certificates for children with 100 per cent attendance over a term or a whole school year, in order to maintain a focus on the importance of regular attendance.