Policy Statements

  • Parents/ Guardians know that the School takes complaints seriously and will respond in a courteous and efficient manner.
  • An effective procedure for making and adjudicating complaints (including appeals) from parents/ guardians is established.
  • Parents/ Guardians wishing to make a complaint know how to do so.
  • There is a separate procedure for dealing with parental concerns which fall short of a formal complaint.
  • All those involved in handling a complaint make every effort to resolve matters quickly and amicably.
  • Response to complaints will be made within a reasonable period of time, and where necessary appropriate action will be taken.

Raising Concerns Informally

  • Parents and Carers can raise a complaint informally to the relevant member of staff by:
  • 01204 841377
  • info@littlegemseducation.org.uk
  • 3 Hennon Street
    BL1 3EH
    United Kingdom

Al Huda Complaints Procedures and Policy Documentation