Welcome from the Nominated Person

Al-Huda Academy was established in 2005 to serve the needs of the Muslim youth and the wider community. The main work of the Academy focuses on developing the spiritual, moral and social well-being of the younger generation. We began with Little Gems Foundation Unit and now have developed further into Al-Huda Primary School.

Our mission is for every child to have developed the values, attitudes and skills which enables them to become compassionate learners and to understand the importance of a moral and spiritual life

For an Islamic community this would evident itself in many ways such as tolerance, caring and a willingness to understand and learn and respect each other.
Within our school, the basis on which all relationships are built is this belief. Everyone in the school is a uniquely valuable human being whom the Almighty loves. They are all entitled to the love and respect which that fact demands.

In pursuance of this, the Nominated Person – Mr Hanif Mangera on behalf of Al-Huda Academy shall:

- Serve as the key link between the school, parents/carers and the local community.
- Champion the work of the school within the local community.
- Advise the Principal and Senior Leadership Team as they plan the development of the school and represent the views of the school and local community within decision making.
- Challenge extremism and promote fundamental British values.
- Approve school-level policies.
- Discharge duties with regard to Safeguarding in line with School policy.
- Discharge duties with regard to SEN and inclusion in line with School policy.

The Academy are passionate about school and are here to make sure that every young person is given the best education, opportunities and experiences possible. Our Nominated Person play an acts as “critical friend” for the Senior Leadership Team and holding the school to account for performance and development.

The Trustees of Al-Huda Academy are;

Mr Suleman Lasania
Mr Shafwan Ahmed
Mr Talha Desai
Mr Imran Hajee
Mr Hanif Mangera

If you want to bring any matters to the attention of the Academy related to the school, you should address your correspondence marked ‘Private and Confidential’ to;

Mr Hanif Mangera
Nominated Person
3 Hennon Street