Al-Huda Academy Institutes

  • Al-Huda Academy is a registered charity.
    Al-Huda Academy consists of three institutes within Bolton - from the Little Gems Nursery, Al-Huda Primary School and Al-Huda Darul Uloom.
    Initially established in 2005; Al-Huda Academy was developed to serve the needs of the Muslim youth and the wider community. The main work of the Academy focuses on developing the spiritual, moral and social well-being of the younger generation. We began with Little Gems Foundation Unit and now have developed further into Al-Huda Primary School. The main purpose of the school is to create an Islamic atmosphere, in accordance to the Qur'an and the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammed [saw]. It is vital that the younger and future generation are educated in the aspects of academic and Islamic knowledge. Therefore, Al-Huda Primary School brings forward this concept; where children can learn vital academic knowledge combined with spiritual Islamic knowledge.