Phew…who knew how much planning and preparing was to be undertaken before we could actually take our pupils on a school trip….and now that the trip is over, I feel like a weight has been lifted (a good weight may I add.) Children were counting the weeks and days down to the trip.

Finally the day arrived; children (and myself) couldn’t have been more excited! Oh the chatter in the hall…how it increased in volume as the children started to pile in…and might I say, coming into school that little bit earlier had the kids even more ecstatic towards the day ahead.

We saw lots of sea creatures, some were very colourful and some very peculiar looking. Some were soft, and some were hard to touch, and some were very spiky!

We even walked through a shark tunnel! And saw the world’s largest crab…and wasn’t it a lazy crab. We were told that it mostly sits at the bottom of the sea bed and waits for food to drop down. We learnt that sharks use smaller fish as toothbrushes! Yes, that’s right. The smaller fish clean the shark’s teeth for them, and this is why the sharks don’t eat them up. Oh the creation of Allah Ta’ala…everyone and everything on this earth is for a reason.

Children really enjoyed playing mini golf…and by playing, I mean running around the golf course chasing each other and hiding the golf balls in the holes. But that’s okay…even I don’t fully understand the game of golf.

By the end of the day, you’d think the children would be exhausted and asleep on the bus, but it seemed like their energy levels hadn’t dropped much. Most were as chatty as they were on the way to the Sea life centre.


    • Zaheda

      My child really enjoyed the trip.Definitely worth the wait!

      • Asma Apa

        Awww that’s great MashAllah. ..makes it all the more worth while.

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