As part of our literacy lessons, children in Year 3 have really enjoyed reading and describing the characters in Roald Dahl’s tale of fantastic Mr Fox who keeps his family one step ahead of the obsessed farmers. When they try to dig him out, he digs faster; when they lay siege to his den, he tunnels to where the farmer’s least expect him- their own larders! In the end, Mr Fox not only survives, but also helps the whole community of burrowing creatures live happily ever after.


Mr Boggis, the farmer was particularly interesting, children wrote some fantastic descriptions, choosing lots of interesting adjectives and similes to bring him to life, for example, he was as stinky as rotten chicken, and as huge as the universe!


The children also enjoyed playing a part in clever Mr Fox’s exciting adventures with the three nasty farmers. They were encouraged to get into their part, adopting the characteristics and expression needed to bring their character to life. The children’s acting was excellent showing great development in their character portrayal and independence.

Brilliant performances Year 3!



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