Al-Huda Primary School were proud to welcome 10 living eggs to our happy environment. The chicken eggs were brought into the school, to allow the children to develop an understanding of the life cycle of a chicken.

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By the power of the Almighty Allah; the following day, cracks started to appear within the eggs and the atmosphere within the school was full of excitement – anxiously waiting for the arrival of our new guests.

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On Tuesday night; a number of eggs had fully hatched up and we were happy to welcome 7 healthy chicks. All yellow, fluffy and small; we could not wait for the remaining eggs to hatch open.

Wednesday morning came and the excitement had turned into a worry; 2 of the remaining eggs were not showing no signs of hatching and 1 egg was partially hatched. This latter chick was the worry. We could see, the poor chick taking deeps breaths, trying its best to push its way out of the half broken egg but its efforts were showing no signs of success. Observing the incubator every couple of times; hoping that the chick would have safely made its way out of the egg shell. Unfortunately, everyone had Al-Huda and Little Gems had given hope – this chick would not live to see the end of the day.

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Though, there was one adamant member of staff, who was not fully satisfied with this outcome. Adamant as she was, she placed her words into actions. Carefully and taking full precautions; she placed her hands within the incubator and bit by bit, removed the remaining egg shells. She managed this very carefully and patiently and relieved the weak chick from its trouble of spending 24 hours in a half hatched egg. The chick laid upon the floor of the incubator, showing a few signs of life by ferociously shaking its legs. The positive attitude again for the chick, once again turned back and this time round – we were all waiting for when the chick will take its last breath.

It was a reflective moment, as this chick was an animal, who had come to the school a few days ago. Neither had it spoken to anyone nor did it bear any relation to anyone. Though, the heartfelt words which were being spoken to this chick by the children and the staff members was heartwarming – this chick had certainly made a place for itself in everyone’s hearts and no one wanted to see the chick suffer.

With no help and support, the chick grasped its feet fully on the floor and pushed itself up with all its might. Once, twice and then finally – the chick showed full signs of life. The chick miraculously started walking and chirping away. There was no one within the Al-Huda environment who was not shocked and amazed that a chick who could not even push itself out from an egg was now walking freely – eagerly waiting to be united with its fellow chicks.


As per rules, the chick had to remain within the incubator for the next 24 hours. Though, the member of staff who assisted the chick was still not happy with the consequences and she immediately  said: “I am going to give it a bath.”

And she did, she cleaned the chick with water, towel dried its fluffy feathers and warmed it up in her own hands. She then carefully placed the chick into the incubator allowing itself “to fluff its feathers up.”



Closely observing this situation which had be on-going for a few days, it came to my mind that indeed everything in this world, only follows His orders. We are all aware that not a leaf falls without His knowledge [surah al-anaam] and it is He who grants and life and death [surah al-baqarah].

It surely makes you wonder that it is by the will of Allah Ta’ala that every situation occurs; whether it being the death of close relative or the miraculous change within a chick’s life – “And with Him are the keys of the unseen; none knows them except Him. And He knows what is on the land and in the sea. Not a leaf falls but that He knows it. And no grain is there within the darknesses of the earth and no moist or dry [thing] but that it is [written] in a clear record.” [surah al-anaam]

PS – Alhamdullilah, all ended well for the chicks; we were happy to home 8 chicks for the span of 2 weeks and they sure did bring a huge delight within our school environment. The “miraculous” chick also bonded very well with its helper; who ironically is the school nurse – any guesses who it may have been?




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