We want children at Al Huda Primary & Little Gems to learn, to lead and to make a difference


BULLYING is unacceptable

and will not be tolerated at Al-Huda. The school has a specific policy for dealing with bullying incidents. Members of staff respond to signs of bullying and act promptly and firmly against it. We recognise that bullying can make a child’s life unhappy and can hinder general progress. Children who bully others will be dealt with through the Behaviour policy and serious incidents are cause for immediate exclusion.

At Al-Huda behaviour and discipline will be utmostly prioritised to be implemented in each of our individuals; we believe these to be a great role in a person’s character now and in the later life’. We have rules and codes of practice which we expect all pupils to follow.

A pupil will be expected to show politeness, respect and thought for others in their dealings with one another, with other parents, and teachers.  They are encouraged to develop the qualities of honesty, kindness and being fair.

We feel strongly that if pupils are not well behaved then teaching and learning cannot take place entirely effectively.  A lot of time, care and attention are given to the pupil; problems that do arise are dealt with through discussion accordingly. All pupils are listened to and an attempt is taken to find out the cause of the issue.

We encourage pupils to be responsible for their own behaviour and actions.  We encourage self-discipline and self-esteem and we hope that every child will become a worthy member of the community.

The rules that we have in school are there for good reason, usually the safety and welfare of the pupil.  If a pupil’s behaviour causes concern parents are always contacted.

Bullying will not be tolerated under any circumstances.  We take great care to ensure that bullying does not happen; if this does happen then we deal with the situation in the best and quickest response.  We are a listening school and ask pupils to tell us of any concerns they may have.  We cannot help if we do not know what is happening! Therefore, it is crucial that all pupils tell us of any unfairness, or bullying taking place.

Discipline is intended to be firm but fair. We utilize the positive approach of praise, encouragement, and incentive, as well as the more negative approach of criticism and punishment. Punishments, where necessary, take the form of a verbal reprimand and/or withdrawal of privileges.

The school follows 4 Golden Rules based on Islamic manners.

Honesty, Respect, Co-operation and Compassion

Dealing with unacceptable incidents: –

  • A pupil is expected to use non-violent means to resolve conflict; physically aggressive behaviour is not a responsible way to interact with others.
  • Insults, disrespect, messing about in class, not listening to staff, or not following instructions disrupts the education of another pupil and is not acceptable.
  • A pupil is responsible for their own actions and speech; they cannot blame someone else for what they say or do.

All staff:

  • Praise acceptable behaviour regularly and consciously notice and reward improved behaviour
  • Use and emphasise positive reinforcements
  • Actively teach children how to behave acceptably, setting targets for those who need them
  • Encourage children to take responsibility for their actions. In an incident all parties involved share in this process g. in the case of a fight, everyone involved must share the blame, and sanctions vary according to the level of involvement. This includes those on the sidelines who encourage the proceedings. In all instances, owning-up or telling the truth is praised and rewarded where appropriate
  • Maintain a positive approach to managing behaviour
  • We operate a “zero tolerance” of disruptive behaviour in class especially, where it prevents teaching and learning taking place. Children who hinder the progress of lessons are removed to work with the deputy leader.
  • Classroom rules are negotiated.

Attendance is crucial to effective learning and the continuity of a child’s learning experience. We place great emphasis on it. We believe that children can only learn effectively if they attend school regularly.

Children should never be absent from school without a good reason. All absences should be covered by an initial telephone call and followed up in writing – an e-mail or letter signed by the parent, most absences can then be authorised. Absences due to the illness of a parent or for trips taken on a school day for example, generally are unacceptable reasons and cannot be authorised.

The DFE classifies an unauthorised absence as truancy. As a school, we discourage parents from taking pupils out of school for family holidays or days out as it can disrupt continuity and places extra pressure on the pupil both before and after the absence, however carefully it is planned.

Some parents may be under the impression that they have a legal entitlement to take their children out of school for a holiday of up to two weeks at any time and that all they have to do is notify the school. Governors and I wish to inform parents that this is not the case and that there is no legal entitlement for pupils to have any time off school for a holiday.

Authorised Absence from school will only be granted for exceptional circumstances and at the discretion of the Headteacher. Careful consideration will be given to each individual application, taking the child’s attendance and punctuality into account. All absences will be entered on the school’s record as unauthorised. These absences will show on the child’s termly record of achievement.

We aim to achieve a whole school attendance rate in line with the national average which currently stands at 96%.

Children should never be absent from school without good reason. Going shopping and visiting relatives are unauthorised absences even if covered by a note.

  • Please date all absence notes and state the pupil and class concerned.
  • Please notify the teacher in advance about visits to the dentist, doctor, speech therapist etc. if your child is ill please telephone the school or send a message.
  • When your child returns please send a dated note stating the medical problem.
  • If your child has an appointment during school hours please notify the teacher or school office in advance, Children must be collected from the school office by an adult.
  • Children who leave school during the day must sign out by reporting to the head teacher’s office.
  • There should be a good reason for a child’s absence. We have to report an absence which is not for an acceptable reason. Regular attendance at school is essential for children to make good progress and to achieve high standards.
  • Learning program with after-school
  • Positive learning environment
  • Learning through play



Children grow physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually through activities relating to themselves and others. Within our school, we have a wealth of diversity of thought, experience and culture, which enhances each child’s development.

It is our intention to create a very happy ‘family school’ where there is a sense of purpose and well-being, a connection with our precious pupils and their families, a place where children and adults are glad to be. Good behaviour is looked for, acknowledged and always rewarded.

By consistently focusing on the child’s strengths and achievements. We aim not only for academic success but also to build a tradition of respect, good manners, and a sense of responsibility amongst our children. Your children will have the widest possible curriculum in a positive climate that enables everyone to succeed.

Al-Huda has many factors within the school to inspire all our children to become strong, enthusiastic and happy learners

At the same time, to also revive holistic Islamic Tarbiyah, and by using the Qur’an and Sunnah as guiding beacons we educate children on Islamic knowledge, creed and morals.

In regards to our Islamic faith throughout our daily life. We provide a religious syllabus which develops our children’s knowledge and understanding of our faith.

In a responsible manner, showing respect, courtesy and consideration at all times in accordance with the teachings of the Prophet (ﷺ). We have very high expectations of our pupils in this regard and all children are encouraged to act as Ambassadors for Islam, throughout primary school.

Ofsted Report 2019

“The behaviour of pupils is outstanding.”

“Pupils’ behaviour is impeccable. All are eager to greet visitors and have exceptionally good manners. Pupils are studious and have excellent attitudes to learning. Their positive approach to their classwork makes a strong contribution to their good achievement.”


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