We want children at Al Huda Primary & Little Gems to learn, to lead and to make a difference


Al-Huda Academy is a registered charity.


Al-Huda Academy is a registered charity and was established in 2005 to serve the needs of the Muslim youth and wider community. The work of the Academy focuses on developing the spiritual, moral and social wellbeing of the young, with a particular focus on youths, in accordance with the principles of the Hanafi school of thought. We began with the Little Gems foundation unit and have now successfully developed further into the Al- Huda primary school to continue with the child’s balanced education. We are a faith-based school and welcome all sections of the community.


Our school is a resemblance of our faith that the Almighty brings us together in a community of love and care. We offer our pupils an environment in which they have opportunities to grow in knowledge and in faith.

“Our mission is for every pupil to have developed the values, attitudes and skills which enables them to become compassionate learners and to understand the importance of moral and spiritual life”.

We serve our local community where many different religions are practised and where many people would not want to identify with any religious tradition. We teach to respect and love everybody whichever their religion and faith.  We welcome all pupils and would emphasise how important the spiritual dimension is for all of us in our growth towards human maturity. For an Islamic community, this would evident itself in many ways such as tolerance, caring and a willingness to understand and learn and respect each other.

As a school community where Islamic teachings, morals, and values are present in all aspects of our communal life, we feel it is important to point out that any parent who wishes to withdraw their child from Islamic influence would find this impossible at Al-Huda. This is because Islamic values underpin all that we try and achieve as a community and school.

The ethos of our School is more than just the ‘hidden curriculum’. It is a combination of the worship, the taught curriculum, the extra-curricular activities and the hidden curriculum.

Within our school, the basis on which all relationships are built is this belief. Everyone in the school is a uniquely valuable human being whom the Almighty loves. They are all entitled to the love and respect which that fact demands.


Our aims are to ensure that Al-Huda Primary School promotes high achievement by working with pupils to:

  • Develop their full potential academically, morally, spiritually and physically
  • Become enthused life-long learners
  • Build confidence to achieve
  • grow respect for themselves, others and the environment
  • Act independently and cooperatively
  • Gain competent technological skills
  • Create a happy school environment that encourages the enjoyment of learning and strives towards developing our pupil as independent learners.
  • Provide Opportunities that will enable every child to nurture self-worth and develop skills to make a positive contribution to the community and where pupil, parents, school and the community work in mutually beneficial partnership.
  • Furnish highest quality teaching and learning that enables all pupil to reach their full potential which they can then lay strong foundations for their future.
  • Promote an awareness of Islamic beliefs, values and principles within the community.
  • Promote an awareness of religious and moral values of other cultures and to develop a caring environment based on mutual respect and consideration for others.
  • Create a partnership between home, school, preparing the pupil for the next phase of education and into the wider community.
  • Make prayer, worship to gain experiences so that each child may make their contribution to the development of faith in each individual in our school community.


Pupil are admitted into the Reception class in the year of their fifth birthday. If you would like an admission into our school, then please call us on 01204 841377 for us to send out a form to you or if you would like to call and make an appointment to see the school please do so and an application will be given to you when you come. You will then receive a phone call to confirm place and letter of confirmation with your child’s start date.

  • Learning program with after-school
  • Positive learning environment
  • Learning through play



Children grow physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually through activities relating to themselves and others. Within our school, we have a wealth of diversity of thought, experience and culture, which enhances each child’s development.

It is our intention to create a very happy ‘family school’ where there is a sense of purpose and well-being, a connection with our precious pupils and their families, a place where children and adults are glad to be. Good behaviour is looked for, acknowledged and always rewarded.

By consistently focusing on the child’s strengths and achievements. We aim not only for academic success but also to build a tradition of respect, good manners, and a sense of responsibility amongst our children. Your children will have the widest possible curriculum in a positive climate that enables everyone to succeed.

Al-Huda has many factors within the school to inspire all our children to become strong, enthusiastic and happy learners

At the same time, to also revive holistic Islamic Tarbiyah, and by using the Qur’an and Sunnah as guiding beacons we educate children on Islamic knowledge, creed and morals.

In regards to our Islamic faith throughout our daily life. We provide a religious syllabus which develops our children’s knowledge and understanding of our faith.

In a responsible manner, showing respect, courtesy and consideration at all times in accordance with the teachings of the Prophet (ﷺ). We have very high expectations of our pupils in this regard and all children are encouraged to act as Ambassadors for Islam, throughout primary school.


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